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Cosmetic surgery is not politically correct, but sex-change operations are. Why ?

In Over the kitchen table discussions with my daughter on December 19, 2017 at 10:30 am

The existence and continuing success, of the cosmetic surgery industry as explained by the politically correct, is driven by body-images presented to us by marketers. Presumably, these body images are designed to make us feel uncomfortable with our physical appearance and push us towards buying products we hope will change our look into something resembling that of some unattainable cultural ideal.

Transsexual persons are uncomfortable with their physical appearance since as explained on wikipedia: “They experience a gender identity that is not culturally associated with their assigned sex”. The sex of the body they present to the world is the opposite of the sex that they feel they belong to.

Why is it ok to change your appearance when the association you disagree with is based on cultural definitions of sex when at the same time it is frowned upon to change your appearance based on other cultural definitions ?

I do see that the personal consequences of deviating cosmetic appearance may be dwarfed by the feeling of being in the wrong sexual category. However, feeling ugly can be devastating and mental problems associated with transgenderism need not result in gender dysphoria and subsequent sex-change. This is not a black/white issue.

Both cosmetic surgery and medical sex change are actions driven by a need to adapt to cultural preferences.

Any argument saying that only one of them should be acceptable is by logic incorrect, political or not.