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Tweeting and blogging from conferences – get real

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Why does everyone completely miss the point on blogging/tweeting/friendfeeding from conferences.

Is it intentional because they feel unease in the face of our science 2.0 future ? I think so.

This is not about invading private scientific discussions between peers. Anyone arguing this must be having a separate agenda of some sort.

I’ve attended “advanced courses”, “subject gatherings” and “internal seminars”, – naturally, reporters were never invited….. and I wouldn’t tweet from those – who would ?

It is about drawing a clear line between such private discussions and appearances in public meetings. A public meeting is where invitations goes out without particular restrictions on who can attend (for much more thoughtful categorization, go here). In such venues no one has the right to censor what is reported. We (the free world !?) have gone to wars to defend similar rights. Pre-approval is what the CSHL meeting demanded of the journalists there, and the basis of the original post from Daniel. Such demands are unacceptable. You either invite reporters and define your meeting as public or you don’t, – restrictions on what is published from a public meeting is censorship – period. A thousand blog-posts, news-pieces , tweets and comments arguing otherwise is not going to change that.

If all this openness scares you so much, please feel free to follow the example of Dr Isis and

“start clamming up”

Good riddance.

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Afterthoughts in H+

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A large glass of red wine contains about three...
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Exam done, and I finally have some time to read something of my own choice entirely – H+magazine.

After reading through about half, – skipping over some over-the-top adds (Neurvana p.6), realizing that  futurists talk has become = = Kurzweil talk, and deciding to opt out of some speculative diet recommendations (deuterium food p. 13) –

I read about breeding drosophila selecting for late-in-life first offspring. Granted, to see effects in humans will take some time, but still a brilliant idea, – and so simple:

Rose’s years of painstaking Methuselah fly stud-servicing produced a fracking miracle: flies that live 4.5 times longer than ordinary flies. Do that with humans for 10,000 years – 500 generations – and you’ll start approaching rose’s results. But to get the advantages today you’d have to start back before there were cities.- from p.18-19

Before there were cities -2 I believe, because …. – it’s already happening. At least in my part of the world. I personally know very few people who’ve had children before the age of 30, – many of my friends will be approaching 40 before family-life starts. Taking my circle of family and friends as a case report, the previous generation was 5-10 years younger when they had their first child. Keeping this up, we soon will be 50-60 before having children. That means evolutionary selection criteria will have to change dramatically to keep up.

So let sirtuins be sirtuins and calorie-restriction pass you by – life extension is coming our way…. – in 498 generations or so….

Keep drinking red wine though –  it’s good for so many things.

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Toll as free marketing material II

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A follow up to this post where marketing material from SABiosciences was presented. It turns out they now have PowerPoint slides for free download too (sign-in needed). A great example of how industry (including their sales/marketing departments) can participate in spreading knowledge. And great as a resource for those of us who need a cascade-slide for explanation every now and then. You can use these slides in academic non-commercial settings as long as you mention (acknowledge) the company.

Pathway example

Go here for downloading.