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Honors to ….

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Professor Moran at Sandwalk who is relentlessly responding to (the same) intelligent design claims. It’s a battle that may never be won. Beliefs based on faith is impossible to argue rationally against. Converting them to science is doing it the right way – but, no doubt – the hard way.

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Mary Meets Dolly for fighting against transhumanism and human enhancement – even though at the root of transhumanism you will find improved artificial limbs and medical technology made to heal disease and improve health. Who is opposed to that ? Strange how religion justifies suffering.

The Biotechnology board in my home-country who keeps having conferences on how knowledge of our own genes is dangerous is so many ways – even though most of us live unharmed lives with most of our traits (inherited or not) exposed.

Temperature predictions from some climate mode...

To the environmentalist movement who keeps warning us about global warming . If nobody cares, then converting people to science may not be such a good idea after all. Could some divine force intelligently design us out of this mess or are we intelligently designed into it with no escape ?

To me for writing another blog-post even though blogging is dead.

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The need for restraint

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Overselling Science is probably the biggest threat to scientific credibility, nevermind cheaters like Hwo Suk Hwang or even intelligent design. These are obvious and passing threats, easy to neutralize. Rather, do mind genetic genealogy companies telling you they can find your extended family (when what they actually find is your haplogroup), personal genetics companies telling you about your lifestyle and disease risks (when these risks are low and penetrance is uncertain), – and mind greatly: dating companies telling you they can find your match based on your DNA-profile.

We are moving in the right direction, let’s not screw it up for ourselves.