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Richard Dawkins beeing clever on hindsight

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2007 at 10:14 am

Something that should strike anyone reading, or listening to, Dawkins arguments against religion is: Beeing clever on hindsight is always easy.

It is easy to see that God and religion are delusions (or faith as one might call it) knowing what we know today. Throughout history however, alternative explanations to existence has been sparse or non-existent and religion has been the best explanation anyone has been able to come up with. Consequently all known societies has had one or more Gods. Religion has been at the root of building society as we know it today, including the flaws.

Today, science builds society more than religion does, – and increasingly so. Science is therefore at risk of becoming the new religion, and Dawkins may be destined for one of the new Archbishops. We should all learn from the history of religion and avoid the pitfall of discrediting and ridiculing what we cannot explain or things we cannot find supporting evidence for. What science cannot explain today, including any superhuman beeing or force, is not necessarily wrong to believe in, and explanations or evidence for some kind of a God may appear in the future when scientific knowledge explains the currently hidden details.

Instead of concluding the obvious (that God is a delusion), we should take Dawkins arguments as strong documentation for the continuing misuse of religion to opress and abuse. This misuse is not due to faith in itself, but rather blaim should be put on the people claiming religious leadership and authority. These peoples actions are probably more a result of darwinian principles (as the struggle to excede other members of a population, – through oppression or otherwise, is a fundamental darwinian principle), than they are results of religious faith.

This last point is important to remember because science will inevitably be misused the same way, and we as scientist are obliged to fight back.

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