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Ethical obviousness

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2008 at 3:27 pm

Just to clarify. Even though I sound like an opponent of genetic testing in my previous post………….. I’m not. And to emphasize this, here’s a quote that I sympathize with, from this post at genomeboy: “When people ask me whether I’m nervous about getting my DNA sequenced, my response is always the same: “My genome is the least of my problems.””

Although one could argue that since your genome is your be-all then your genome is your only problem, alternatively that you have no problems since your genome is you and yours..(……..sentence ended up in philosphical jibberish….)

Take home message: DNA-testing of consenting informed adults is fine for any test, – but ethical care should be taken when used in in prenatal care or in pre-symptomatic diagnostics of children unable to give their own informed consent….(…paragraph ended up in ethical obviousness…..)

  1. I think there is a very important ethical consideration that many miss, when considering the consquences of DNA profiling, and that’s around the inferences that can be made about the past of the indvidual. For example many Afro Carribeans have western European DNA within their genome as a result of the rape of their black ancestors by slave owners in Europe. I’ve heard the authorities are using this information to make the distinction between Africans and Afro-Carribeans that seek entry through the borders of the USA.

    Shouldn’t we all be concerned of this use?


  2. Audri. Hard for me to reply thoroughly since I know little about US-immigration practice. But this would not constitute testing with consent, would it ?

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