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Launching SciPhu.com

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2008 at 12:55 pm

SciPhu= Science + Phusis

Phusis – An Ancient Greek word often translated as birth or nature (Wikipedia).

SciPhu.com is a blog based, open access and unrestricted publishing model. A hybrid in the spirit of Wikipedia and JustScience.

The idea behind SciPhu-publishing was to be able to publish and peer-review scientific information more efficiently than standard peer-reviewing. We wanted the reviewing process while retaining its scientific credibility, to be faster and less rigid. The answer, we found, is blogger-reviewing (which in this setting is just a fancy name for commenting on blog posts). Blogging is a good starting point since there are so many knowledgeable bloggers out there. While SciPhu may still be developed into a proper web-portal of some sort, the blog based starting point is now launched.

The end goal of SciPhu is to be able to quality control scientific information from any source, so that the twisted reality that sometimes ends up in the popular press (and ultimately in public opinion) can be promptly countered with proper accessible scientific information.

On the way towards this goal, we would like to provide a novel publishing channel for the scientific community. A way of publishing that is completely free of (any kind of) charge, less rigid, more efficient and more interactive than existing publishing models. SciPhu publishing is unlimited open-access and has the potential to reach a broad audience. At the same time, SciPhu aims be a pivotal tool to keep scientific authority intact, free and unpolitical.

Without input from (a lot of) you however, this effort will fail. Therefore, please feel free to contribute scientific content, recommend to friends and collegues or just come by to review/rate someone else’s work.


You are cordially invited to:

  • Write (blog) your own scientific article (or a review of a scientific topic).
  • Referee articles written by others.
  • Participate in scientific publishing in a new format.

You are invited to visit and join the SciPhu publishing community.

  1. SciPhu, this is such a great idea. It will be interesting to see this develop. I have the smallest of science/medical backgrounds, so I’ll watch from the sidelines.

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