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Toll as free marketing material

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Usually, I do not read marketing literature very thoroughly. I tend to rely on peer reviewed reports for reliable background information. For science news and views, I use the journal news-sites and the blogosphere. I think I am mainstream this way.

But, there are other sources as well. I should know having done my share of marketing and sales. I found a shining example  while skimming through SABiosciences marketing newsletter, Pathways # 7

In this newsletter was a really nice review on Toll-like receptors and innate immunity. It was well written, to the point and informative. Just as a review in a journal would be. In addition the illustrations were excellent, – probably better than in your average science journal.

I consequently discovered that SABiosciences are good at this. There are lot’s of other examples of high quality marketing material that also serves a scientific information purpose, on their website. Just have a look at this one example, a poster on cAMP-signaling:

I love when commercial entities add to the knowledge and information base in an altruistic manner. It goes to show everyone that knowledge based industry is more than the money, – it’s also what the name says it is, – knowledge.

Sadly I tend to forget that marketing material is a decent and free (open access !!) source for scientific information. Come to think of it, I have learned a lot from knowledgeable sales reps as well. Let’s give these companies and their representatives some of the credit they deserve for this. Even if that means being a little more forgiving towards their unscientific bias. After all they need to sell to survive, and how do you sell without bias……?

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