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Here’s why I get fat when I exercise

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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In an attempt to probe deeper into my ongoing exercise/obesity confusion, I have read three papers (1,2,3)  that illuminated the issue to some extent. And the answer is, not surprisingly: I’m not exercising enough.

It turns out that you need something like 225 to 275 minutes of weekly exercise to loose 5-10 % of your body weight over 16-24 months. Which means exercising a minimum of 45 minutes a day 5 days a week over a long period of time to achieve……in my case, – not that much. Which again translates into: not bloody likely to happen. Or as stated more elegantly in Donnelly JE et al.:

Application of the results from the present study to the general population will require considerable help from behavioral scientists to encourage adoption and adherence to a long-term exercise program that becomes part of an individual’s lifestyle and can be maintained indefinitely.

The intensity of the training does not seem to matter too much. Any hint of comfort in that however, is swept away by the fact that the rather unimpressive 5 % weight loss from 45 minute exercise pr. day was achieved by young people, ….- I’m not that young anymore and that’s a big chunk of the problem at hand…..

Relentlessly, I will keep exercising of course. There are after all so many other benefits to it. Plus, the exercise I do is fun and inspiring. The conclusion therefore still is: exercise helps, – even if it does so mostly as in “exercise restraint” (when it comes to food intake).

That’s it, it took me 4 blog posts to reach the conclusions I started out with in the first place:

1) Less food = desired weight loss

2) Exercise not essential to loose weight.

And then one would think I am all done on this subject.

But alas no, there’s more to it, – plenty more. Have a look at this “Obesity System Influence Diagram” (Thank you Laura for pointing me here through friendfeed):

Sometimes knowledge it seems, is just confusing. The only reasonable conclusion from this diagram is that the interplay between factors contributing to obesity is extremely complex.

It’s tempting to leave it at that, – it’s all just very complex, let’s move on. But, instead I’ll try and take this as a challenge: Plenty more posts to come…..perhaps on aging and obesity, – seems like a natural next step.

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  2. Interesting concept…definetly something for me to take in concideration.

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