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Anniversary, refurbish and rename

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2008 at 8:54 am

post to news.thinkgene.com

The SciPhu Weblog is changing name and morphs into:


Unpublished opinions mean nothing, so also for BIO-Sciences: BIOlogy, BIOtechnology, BIOmedicine, BIOchemistry and molecular BIOlogy.

You can read Bi-opinionated (with a sexual reference) if you want to, but you’ll be disappointed. The content will stay similar to what it was on The SciPhu Weblog, hopefully with a slightly sharper edge. The new name combines my continuous effort to view any issue from both sides with my professional interest in matters of human biology.

Old links and feeds should work, but changing them is the safest bet.

This change is a 1 year anniversary present to myself, my first post was published on 7/12-07.

  1. Very nice, Nils! Looking forward to the new site!

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