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BIOpinionated quote-fest 0109

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1. From “Darth Vader’s “Management” Secrets“:

Darth Vader is a Dark Lord of the Sith and second-in-command in the Galactic Empire, where he is the pupil of Emperor Palpatine. He studied the Jedi arts under Obi-Wan Kenobi and serves a Sith apprenticeship with Darth Sidious. Darth’s brother, Chad, is the Day-Shift Manager at Empire Market.

2. From ERV in response to George Johnson critizing science blogging:

Do you realize what this means to people, George? How much a preventative HIV vaccine or cheaper/better/easier medications for HIV/AIDS means to people? How fucking scary HIV is to people? What these kinds of messages (WE CURE AIDZ NAU! LOL NOT REALLY!) do to the general public? What it does to their trust of scientific research in this country?

3. From an Effect Measure post on research into effects of the the virginity pledge:

82% of pledgers denied ever having taken the pledge

4. A comment on this YouTube video:

not so far in the future, humans are taken over by the elite using this so called helpful science.

5. From this friendfeed discussion:

In order to die someday, you have to be alive. Everything is dangerous, I suggest not leaving your home, not using any type of equipment, electricity, gas, etc inside, and not eating any food from unknown sources. Also filter the inbound air, water and any other fluid. And don’t read the interwebs, there are crazy people out there. – Paulo Nuin

6. From another friendfeed discussion:

There are many scary things about today’s world. But one that is truly thrilling is that the means of spreading both knowledge and inspiration have never been greater. Five years ago, an amazing teacher or professor with the ability to truly catalyze the lives of his or her students could realistically hope to impact maybe 100 people each year. Today that same teacher can have their words spread on video to millions of eager students. There are already numerous examples of powerful talks that have spread virally to massive Internet audiences. – Will Richardson

7. From this post on Eye On DNA:

But sometimes, what’s in your genes isn’t in your heart. I’d rather my children followed their heart.

8. A tweet from Neil Saunders:

“not sure how a ceasefire is “unworkable”; surely you just stop firing?”

9. A comment on this post on A Blog Around The Clock:

This plays right into the hand of the sick-fuck right-wing, as all they have to do is trot out some phony propaganda shill, and the dumbfuck “journalists” go all “while it has been asserted that X, some critics say that not X”, without doing even the slightest bit of investigation that would reveal to them that the OVERFUCKINGWHELMING CONSENSUS among people who know what the fuck they are talking about, and are not either deranged wackaloon fuckwits or intentional propagandists, is “not X”. – Comrade PhysioProf

10. A tweet from Walter Jessen:

“@Berci What would be the alternative to evidence-based medicine? Hearsay medicine? Best-guess medicine?”

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  1. The alternative to EBM, or better said the complementary theory, is Single Patient Based Medicine, I founded some years ago (1-3)
    SPBM is based on Quantum Biophysical Semeiotic Constitutions “and” their related Inherited Real Risk (www.semeioticabiofisica.it)

    1) Stagnaro Sergio. Single Patient Based Medicine: its paramount role in Future Medicine. Public Library of Science, 2005. http://medicine.plosjournals.org/perlserv/?request=read-response&doi=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020107
    2) Stagnaro Sergio. Single Patient Based Medicine, Therapeutic Monitoring and proper Drugs Prescription. Nature Medicine.com. April, 4, 2008. http://blogs.nature.com/nm/spoonful/2008/04/trust_noone.html#comments
    3)Stagnaro S., Stagnaro-Neri M., Le Costituzioni Semeiotico-Biofisiche.Strumento clinico fondamentale per la prevenzione primaria e la definizione della Single Patient Based Medicine. Travel Factory, Roma, 2004. http://www.travelfactory.it/
    4) Stagnaro S., Stagnaro-Neri M., Single Patient Based Medicine.La Medicina Basata sul Singolo Paziente: Nuove Indicazioni della Melatonina. Travel Factory, Roma, 2005. http://www.travelfactory.it/
    5)Stagnaro Sergio. A paramount Bias in the Research. J. Clin. Invest. http://www.jci.org/cgi/eletters/115/3/664

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