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BIOpinionated monthly quote-fest 0209

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2009 at 12:23 pm

1. A tweet from Mr. Gunn:

@MaverickNY For someone who toils daily to uncover the real truth of something, to be told that belief = truth is insulting to my efforts

2. From this post at Best Before Yesterday:

…….did I think desire and motivation was all about chemistry. I said there was no question about it. She talked about a “part of us that doesn’t want it to be like that”. I wonder. What is lost when we think of the mind as a machine? Magic? The ghost or soul? For some, a sense of wonder and mystery. Control. Because, remember, most people are not neuroscientists.

3. From this post at Ouroboros:

The structural similarities between the opposition to these two classes of “meddling” are pronounced enough that I think those of us in the pro-lifespan extension camp would do well to carefully observe how the debate proceeds on the question of cognitive enhancement — and take notes — because, someday, we’re going to be having the same debate about lifespan.

4. From this post at Genetic Future:

….call me idealistic, but I suspect that parents will love their IVF-conceived children just as much regardless of whether they were randomly plucked from a Petri dish or selected on the basis of genetic information.

5. From this post at business|bytes|genes|molecules:

With all due apologies, science != academic science. Join a startup, or start one.

  1. As regards “A tweet from Mr. Gunn”, I’d like to say that, in a former paper (appreciated by Nature.com, whose Editor suggested it to website visitors) posted on the blog, dear friend Nils kindly quantum-dedicted me, I’ve illustrated what accounts for the reason of such as distressing event(Stagnaro Sergio. Middle Ages of today’s Medicine, Overlooking Quantum-Biophysical-Semeiotic Constitutions and Related Inherited Real Risk. http://www.sciphu.com November 4, 2008.http://sciphu.com/2008/11/meadle-ages-of-todays-medicine.html).
    Clearly, nowadays two very different Medicine concepts are generally erroneously considered, mistaking trivially the relative significance. As a consequence screening is interpreted as Primary Prevention! “Mala Tempora currunt” also in Medicine.Overlooking biophysical-semeiotic Constitutions “and” their related INHERITED Real Risk, we are able to demonstrate that tobacco smoking prevent… lung cancer,… if are enrolled in the study exclusively individuals without oncological terrain (OT) or INHERITED OT-dependent Real Risk in lung! As to state “that belief = truth is insulting” to everybody who is looking honestly at scientific truth.

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