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Quote of the month February 09

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Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek (quote from here):

The most exciting thing that can happen is when theoretical dreams that started as fantasies, as desires, become projects that people work hard to build. There is nothing like it; it is the ultimate tribute. At one moment you have just a glimmer of a thought and at another moment squiggles on paper. Then one day you walk into a laboratory and there are all these pipes, and liquid helium is flowing, and currents are coming in and out with complicated wiring, and somehow all this activity is supposedly corresponds to those little thoughts that you had. When this happens, it’s magic.

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  1. I agree completely with Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek. As follows, a significant story. Despite thousands of oncology peer-reviews,and milions of campaigns against malinancy, around the world Oncologists, Physicians, politicians, mass-media journalists, common people, also prelates, high or not, state that cancer is a growing epidemics. A decade ago, I discovered the demarcation line (Ask Google.com), bedside recognized since birth with a stethoscope, which separates world-wide population in two parts: on the one hand, individuals involved by Oncological Terrain (i.e., predisposition to cancer), and on the other hand, subjects who will never suffer from cancer, solid and liquid! As a consequence, I stated earlier that, e.g., “…cervix cancer involves exclusively women with Oncological Terrain “and” Inherited Oncolgical Real Risk of cervix. If we administer anti-HPV Vaccine to women without such as predisposition, we lose money, time and energy uselessly” (Stagnaro Sergio. Cancer of Uterine Cervix and Oncological Terrain with Inherited Oncological Real Risk. BMC, Infectious Agents and Cancer, 11 February 2009, http://www.infectagentscancer.com/content/3/1/8/comments#299590).
    Reading my today’s critical comment against Anti-HPV Vaccination to prevent Cervical Cancer is “the most exciting thing that can happen…. There is nothing like it; it is the ultimate tribute”. Really, in my opinion, it indicates fortunately that Middle Ages of today’s Medicine, as Roman Empire, in the future can come to the end.

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