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Professor Moran at Sandwalk who is relentlessly responding to (the same) intelligent design claims. It’s a battle that may never be won. Beliefs based on faith is impossible to argue rationally against. Converting them to science is doing it the right way – but, no doubt – the hard way.

English: Transhumanism H+ symbol Русский: Симв...

Mary Meets Dolly for fighting against transhumanism and human enhancement – even though at the root of transhumanism you will find improved artificial limbs and medical technology made to heal disease and improve health. Who is opposed to that ? Strange how religion justifies suffering.

The Biotechnology board in my home-country who keeps having conferences on how knowledge of our own genes is dangerous is so many ways – even though most of us live unharmed lives with most of our traits (inherited or not) exposed.

Temperature predictions from some climate mode...

To the environmentalist movement who keeps warning us about global warming . If nobody cares, then converting people to science may not be such a good idea after all. Could some divine force intelligently design us out of this mess or are we intelligently designed into it with no escape ?

To me for writing another blog-post even though blogging is dead.

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  1. I certainly do not oppose using technology to “heal disease and improve health.” But that is not transhumanism and you know it. Transhumanism is taking a perfectly good limb and replacing it with an artificial one. Transhumansim is genetically engineering otherwise healthy individuals to have abilities no natural human has It is disingenuous to pretend that transhumanism is only about healing the sick and fixing the broken because it is really about taking normal healthy individuals and making them something other than human. Hence the term “transhumanism.” Trans meaning “beyond” so “beyond human.” That is not medicine. That is something entirely different.

  2. Yes, but by using technology to heal – how are you going to avoid making better and better replacements, by prohibiting this technology ? What are the alternatives ? Besides what we define as disease is changing, – as you know even failure to conceive is considered a disease even though many would define that as “normal”. Also, when we grow older – our bodily functions deteriorate (in a normal fashion), you wouldn’t tell an old lady to lay off those artificial hips just because you do not consider her “sick” would you. Transhumanism is about giving everyone the possibility and the right to define their own “normal”. And to live as long as possible with all functions intact or improved. You misunderstand if you think it is about pushing everyone into becoming super-humans. That in the future, we will all have the possibility to become super-humans is the goal, but the coercion thing is something you put on top to distort things.

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