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Uses of DNA nr. 22-26

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Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

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This post follows previous posts 10 ways to use your DNA, 9 more ways to use DNA and Add this to the “uses of DNA” collection.

22. Find invading species in your garden pond. You may need some help to design the assay (species specific primers and probes). But from there it’s a straightforward road to eradicating unwanted organisms that you were unable to see.

23. DNA art made from genes possibly contributing to athletic skills, intelligence and love (??!). See Eye on DNA’s blog posting about the offer from DNA 11 (coincidentally, this is also a follow up to use of DNA nr. 11).

24. Clone your dog – two companies can offer cloning of your dog: BioArts and RNL Bio. The two companies have been arguing (like cats and dogs !) however, over who owns the rights to such cloning.

25. Make a quilt using DNA sequence. Artist Beverly St. Clair makes quilts where each patch corresponds to one of the four bases in DNA. Beautiful and intelligent at the same time …..

Picture from genomequilts.com by Beverly St. Clair. It depicts the DNA sequence GATCGCCCTT

26. Poo-ID. The Israeli city of Petah Tikva has decided to do something about their dog poo problem. The solution: create a DNA profile from the poo and then, find the owner in a registry of dog-DNA. See here for more info.

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