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Unloading: HPV-vaccination

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The national biotechnology-board in my home-country has decided to announce that mandatory HPV-vaccination needs to be postponed. Why ? because “the long term effects are uncertain”.

&%¤#&%%%##** idiots.

This vaccine is probably the most tested vaccine ever. The issues surrounding its use concerns sexuality and young women. These issues are controversial by nature.

There is however, nothing controversial about the proven safety of the vaccine.

The job of an advisory-board of scientifically literate people, is to see beyond the politicized aspects of the matter, not to politicize them more.

The long term effects of a lot of what we do in our everyday lives are uncertain. If you demand 100 % certainty progress stops.

…….and in the meanwhile, many women will develop cervical cancer, some of them will die. Now that is 100 % certain.

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