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World AIDS Day 2008: Down Low Women

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This post is an update from this previous posting and published as a part of Bloggers Unite World AIDS Day effort.

I recently attended a meeting on sexually transmitted infections (STI) and a talk that I learned a lot from, and that touched upon some very important issues, was

Down Low Women – by J.Risser University of Texas

Did you know that in poor areas of Houston US there’s a 2,5 % incidence rate of HIV. Did you know that women in these areas expose themselves to extremely high risk because having multiple boyfriends provides them, not with necessities like food and clothes, but with cell phones or money for a professional hair-do.

I ask them to help me with my wants; my needs I can take care of myself.

They’re not prostitutes as such I guess, but still, in order to possess (in my opinion) meaningless status-items, they are having unprotected sex with multiple sex-partners (more partners = more perks). And like prostitutes, they are putting themselves at very high risk of HIV and other STI’s. A reason for not using condoms is

fear of exposing the boyfriends to each other

Appalling facts, – absolutely appalling. No wonder sexually transmitted disease is hard to fight when even in our developed society where basic needs are covered, the hunt for status-icons drives people to such extreme risk behavior.

I encourage everyone to look into Dr. Rissers research. Because, even though the facts are sad, the issues are fascinating, and doing things to change this behaviour (in the first instance by encouraging condom use) can make a difference.

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