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BIOpinionated monthly quote-fest 0309

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2009 at 9:14 pm

1. From this post at cotch dot net:

For eight years, the United States was the brawling village idiot of the developed world, so far as Europe seemed to be concerned.

2. Daniel MacArthur of Genetic Future comments on the claim that scientist shouldn’t study race and intelligence:

Poisoning the well in this fashion is a highly effective strategy for shutting down debate on a particular topic – but this is a terrible strategy for a scientist to adopt.

3. From this post at The Bird’s Brain:

I don’t think science is about skepticism. It is about critical thinking, which is necessary for proper support of skepticism. Yes, be a skeptic, but look at as many sides of an issue as you can, and remember that there are probably others that you have not considered. An opinion is just that, an opinion, not a statement of fact. We all have them, but that doesn’t make us experts.

4. On studying religious faith from this post on Cotch dot net:

What a fascinating way to approach the issue. Not whether an idea is right or wrong; what it has to offer.

5. From this post on Sandwalk:

There are so many crazy people out there that the average skeptic simply doesn’t have time to fight them all.

6. From this news piece on how working women are to blame for the global financial crisis:

Women are twice as likely as men to work in the public sector. They account for two-thirds of the Civil Service and three- quarters of all public employees.

Yet they are barely represented in the useful public services of firefighting and arresting people. Encouraging women to leave the workforce would go a long way towards addressing the budget deficit without any downside whatsoever.

7. From this post on Sandwalk:

We had a really fun time discussing the topic, aided, perhaps, by the excellent wine list at the restaurant. I wish I could remember all the points I made. I think some of them were brilliant.


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