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The Testosterone Project

In Transhumanism on March 12, 2009 at 10:58 am

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I have reached a crossing point of (what feels like crucial) life events :

1) Reaching an age where a life crisis is acceptable, 2) failing in sports activities and 3) becoming a transhumanist (see previous posts Epiphany: Transhumanism, – not ?, Diving into Transhumanism I and II and Decision time, become a transhumanist or not).

Enter: Testosterone.

Without further ado, I am launching my personal testosterone project. However, since the whole idea of human enhancement is new (and still feels scary) to me, I’m going to take this slowly and stepwise, – with an option to pull out after each step.

My plan is to post as I go along. Here’s the project plan outline:

  1. Test my testosterone levels.
    – Done. Turns out I’m at the low end of the normal spectrum.
  2. If low (and yes it was low), then learn more.
    – This will be the topic of the next post. For those who would like some more background on testosterone therapy – go here (via Alexis Madrigal).
  3. If not to scary, find out how to get a hold of it. Options seem to be a gullible physician or the illegal substance market.
  4. If not too illegal, then get some.
  5. Try low doses.
  6. If adverse events acceptable, continue and report effects on blog.
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