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The Testosterone Project II

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Previous post in series: The Testosterone project.

Recap: Project Testosterone is my main project aimed at alleviating  mature age growing pains.

Plan is as follows:

  1. Test my testosterone levels.
    – Done. Twice now. Turns out I’m still at the low end of the normal spectrum. This second time I also measured Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) to get an accurate measure of Bioavailable Testosterone. Detailed results were: Testosterone – 8,1 nmol/L (normal level 8-35 nmol/L), SHBG – 12,6 (normal level 8-60 nmol/L), Bioavailable Testosterone (calculated from here) – 10,20 nmol/L (normal level 3,85-13,67 nmol/L).
  2. If low (and yes it feels low, even if it is within the normal spectrum, it’s my manliness we’re talking about after all), then learn more.
    – Done, but will continue reading about this.
  3. If not to scary, find out how to get a hold of it.
    – Have gone to see a gullible physician, but was turned down because I was in the normal range. Plan was to measure a second time to see if values were lower and then go back, but it seems values are reasonably stable. Legally prescribed testosterone plan scrapped. Next: probe the illegal substance market.
  4. If not too illegal, then get some. Topic for next blog post.
  5. Try low doses. Future posts.
  6. If adverse events acceptable, continue and report effects continously on blog.
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